What to get someone for Christmas or any other time.
Gift Vouchers
£50 per wheel + Postage and Packing
Bespoke 6" Bubble Vision Wheels
For All Optikinetics Projectors (bossed or magnetic hubs)
OptiAura, Solar 100 LED, Solar 250 LED, Solar FX120 LED
Solar 100, Solar 250, Solar 575, K1, K2, K2+, K4  

1. Purchase a voucher directly from Bubblevision
Email us (info@bubblevision.co.uk) for Invoice for Voucher
2. Give voucher to whoever you wish.
( Each £50 Voucher has Unique code )

Redeeming a Voucher
Look for Bubble Vision to find required colours.
Let us know by 
email (info@bubblevision.co.uk)
1. Number of Oil wheel chosen from Bubble Vision
2. Your Unique Voucher Number
3. Your Name and Address
4. Email address that paid for the Voucher was sent to.